Men Make Dinner Day- First Thursday of November

Caution - this is the day for men to prepare dinner !!! The first Thursday of November each year is the day when men are supposed to make dinner. This day is for men who never cook for themselves and have no idea how to prepare food. This day is actually celebrated in America (USA and Canada), although it would have been nice if men would take on the task of preparing dinner from time to time in other countries too. On this day, women are not allowed to enter the kitchen and interfere. There are websites with special and easy recipes For men who do not master the art of food preparation, created especially for this day.
The founder of this day is Sandy Sharkey, who wanted to protest that many men still behave like in the 1950s, when it was customary for the man to go out to work and the woman to stay home to take care of her.
Besides, some of the greatest chefs in the world are men, so there is certainly no evidence that men are worse cooks. Men - Men's Day Making dinner is your chance to try your culinary skills ...
More rules of this day: 1. The food that the man prepares, everyone eats and does not throw away. BBQ or on the fire is not considered for dinner. Even ordering food from outside is not considered "making dinner" yourself.

When does Men make dinner day is coming next years?
2020- November 5
2021- November 4
2022- November 3
2023- November 2

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