Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day - April 16th

Isn't it fun for Americans? On April 16 every year, the day after Tax day, everyone has to come to work in their pajamas. On this day do not wear suits and ties, skirts or high heels, only comfortable pajamas and you can also bring a bear. Of course after coming to work in pajamas and drinking coffee with the boss, upload pictures with pajamas at work to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and wherever possible. 
The main thing is to show off that you came to work with pajamas.
The history of pajamas
Where did the pajamas come from? The origin of pajamas are in a Persia, in a garment called pajamas which means "cover for the foot". The original pajamas were a kind of long, worn shorts, something comfortable to put your feet in. It was prevalent mainly in Southwest Asian countries and reached the rest of the world through the British colonies. It arrived in the Western world around 1800.
Just don't be confused, pajama day is celebrated only in the US, in the meantime if you are in another country, you will arrive with your usual clothes.

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