World Day of Social Justice- February 20

It is true that social justice is something that should exist all year round, but it is good to have one day dedicated to raising awareness of how important social justice is to live in peace all of us together.
World Social Justice Day is a day proclaimed by the UN to raise awareness of this principle. Social justice is the basis for the coexistence of peace and prosperity between peoples and within peoples.
The principles of social justice are gender equality, the rights of indigenous and immigrant peoples, the removal of barriers to people because of gender, age, race, ethnic origin, religion, culture or disability.
Social justice is a general concept that refers to the conditions and rules that must exist in society in order to regulate the relations between human beings, between them and social institutions, between them and human beings from other peoples. They rely on morality and human dignity and are free from biases and biases.
According to the liberal conception, the principles of social justice do not prefer one conception of good over another and they apply to each and every person equally, regardless of their origin.
For the United Nations, the pursuit of social justice for all is at the heart of the global mission to promote development and human dignity.
In honor of World Social Justice Day, you can learn about the subject, teach others and think about your position.
Only where there is social justice among human beings, can there also be cooperation, peace and mutual respect.

February 20th is also Handcuff Day and Love Your Pet Day

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