Thanksgiving - the fourth Thursday of November

Thanksgiving is a non-religious holiday celebrated in North America, and its goal is grateful for the autumn crops and in general to God.   
The United States celebrates Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November. In 1941 the US Congress decided that the holiday will take place every year under the signature of the president Roosevelt. Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October.
​The origin of the holiday is from the time of first European settlement in North America. The newcomers encountered many difficulties 
acclimatization. The economic situation and their health has deteriorated and they received help from native Americans (mistakenly called: Indians) and began to recover.
In gratitude, they held a festive meal that included typical year's crops first session (corn, squash, sweet potatoes, and potatoes). The main festival is custom holiday meal. Thanksgiving dinner is a big dinner for its main ingredient is roast turkey (therefore also call for "the Turkey holiday").
More typical dishes for the holiday are foods the white man found only when came to America as cranberries, corn, edible tubers, crops fall and orange fruits and vegetables are reminiscent of the colors of fall (autumn leaves) as pumpkin, carrots, peaches and so on.
Most public institutions, government, schools and kindergartens are closed on this day Americans enjoy a free day.

When is Thanksgiving coming out in the coming years?

2021- November 25
2022- November 24
2023- November 23
2024- November 28
2025- November 27
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