Titanic Day - April 15th

On April 15, 1912, the luxury ship Titanic sank following an iceberg and 1517 people perished.

In honor of marking the day of this tragic event, get some interesting facts about the shipwreck:

1. The Titanic's musicians continued to play music for hours while the ship sank.
2. The budget of the movie "Titanic" starring Leonardo de Caprio and Kate Winslet was higher than the amount invested in the construction of the ship itself.
3. The chief baker of the Titanic filled himself during the drowning with alcohol and thus he survived for two hours in the freezing cold of the water until he was rescued.
4. Most of the lifeboats lowered into the sea from the sinking Titanic were not completely full.
5. The sinking of the Titanic could have been avoided if there had not been a 30-second delay in giving direction change from the moment the sailor that was on board noticed the glacier.
6. The chocolate mogul, Milton Hershey, canceled his voyage on the Titanic at the last minute due to other business matters.
7. The glacier where the Titanic collided began its journey sometime in 1000 BC.
8. The Titanic is the only passenger ship ever sunk by a glacier collision.
9. The Japanese who were on the ship and survived the sinking were called cowards in their country because they did not die like the other passengers.
10. Kate Winslet, who played the lead role in the movie Titanic as Rose hates Celine Dion's theme song My Heart Will Go On and says it "makes her vomit".

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