World Religion Day - the third Sunday in January

In our world there are hundreds of countries with thousands of cultures whose traditions began in very ancient times in history and they have adopted many religions that have risen to greatness. Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Shinto and many other currents within the religions themselves are all part of the cultural fabric of our world and World Religion Day is an opportunity to share cultures with each other and learn about others.
The history of World Religion Day
World Religion Day was first celebrated in Portland, Maine, USA, under the title "World Peace through World Religion." Social leaders, educators and philosophers talk about the importance of religions in the world.
Sri Lanka issued a postage stamp dedicated to World Religion Day, followed by the Republic of Congo. The focus of this holiday is to spread awareness and knowledge about the religions that exist in the world today, and to share tolerance and understanding between people of all religions.
How to celebrate World Religion Day?
World Religion Day is recommended to be celebrated by learning and observing other religions, with an open mind. The goal of this day is not for people to convert, but to learn about other religions and the impact of this difference on our world.

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