Tim Tam Day - February 16th

One of the most delicious chocolate bars in existence, and there is hardly anyone to argue about it, is the chocolate bar that comes from Australia - Tim Tam!

February 16 is a day celebrated every year in honor of Tim Tam. It is not yet known who decided to dedicate this day to Tim Tam, but what does it matter? The main thing to celebrate.

Tim Tam is a chocolate snack from the Australian company Arnott, which consists of two biscuits between which there is cream (usually chocolate) and they are coated in chocolate.

What is special about the Tim Tam snack is that it is commonly used as a drinking straw for milk, cocoa or coffee.

Drinking Coffee with Tim Tam (Image Source)

One Tim Tam package has 11 units and the double coating packages have 9.

The history of Tim Tam

Tim Tam was invented by Arnot's food technology director, Ian Norris. In 1958 he decided to go on a world tour to look for inspiration for new products. While driving he found the penguin biscuit in the UK which is a biscuit snack coated in milk chocolate and filled with chocolate cream. Norris decided to make the penguin biscuit something even tastier and so he invented the Tim Tam which is made from two biscuits.

Ross Arnott, owner of Arnott, loved horse racing. In 1958 he visited a horse race in Kentucky and decided that his company's new chocolate snack would be named after the winning horse and so it was.

How to celebrate Tim Tam Day?

The best way to celebrate Tim Tam Day is to buy a package and eliminate it on your own or with someone else. To eat the tam tam in the traditional way one has to bite both its ends and then use it as a drinking straw. According to tradition, you should also take a photo and upload the photos with the hashtag #TimTamDay.

Each country has its own special treat. America has apple pie, England has scones, France has macaroons and Australia has Tim Tam. No doubt Australia played it with this awesome snack!

February 16 is also Almond Day and Innovation Day

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