International Fanny Pack Day - The Second Saturday of March

 Remember that in the 80s of last century everyone would walk around with a fanny pack on their waist? This comfortable and safe bag was then at the height of fashion. Today the fanny pack may be less in fashion but it can still be found in handbag stores in various designs. It has so many benefits and should be brought back into fashion immediately!

The fanny pack is a small bag, slightly larger than a purse, attached to a belt worn around the waist. Fanny Pack Day is meant to celebrate not only in honor of this bag but also to raise awareness of an important social issue - hunger. Symbolically the goal is to fill the fanny pack with food items on this day and go out with it to distribute them to the needy.

The history of International Fanny Pack Day

International Fanny Pack Day was celebrated following an event that happened in 2007. Nick Yates, an artist from Portland, Oregon, was the person who conceived and created this day. It was then the first Saturday of March 2007. Nick Yates returned from a party with a fruitcake he had taken from it and kept for him in his fanny pack. He happened to meet Homeless on the street who told him his fanny pack looked nice. Nick opened the fanny pack and gave him the fruitcake that was inside.

The incident caused Yates to link the fanny pack to help the homeless. He contacted food banks and continued to distribute food while wearing a fanny pack for hungry people on the way. To raise awareness of the good deed, he created Fanny Pack Day, on the second Saturday of each March.

Hunger is a problem all over the world. No matter how advanced or rich a country is, there is always a part of society that cannot achieve one of the most basic needs there is, food. Unfortunately, there are a lot of hungry people and a high percentage of them are children.

How to celebrate Fanny Pack Day?

The answer is simple. If you are willing to help poor, needy and homeless people, then go ahead, take a fanny pack with some food products like sandwiches and give them. But the fanny pack is not mandatory. The goal is to help people. Need to help hungry people all year round but this day is a special day to raise awareness of it on social media for example. To raise awareness you can share your photo with a fanny pack on the waist on social media with the hashtag #FannyPackDay. It is important to clarify that there is an idea behind the fanny pack and this is not just an image designed to receive compliments. Besides it is also possible to volunteer at a soup kitchen or collect drinking bottles to redeem the deposit for them and give it to the poor. Do not ignore homeless people on the street or beggars. A sandwich can brighten their day and show them that they are not transparent. Make a difference. Be the change in someone's world.

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