Mario Day- March 10

Mario Day is celebrated in honor of the iconic character from the popular video game Super Mario. The reason for choosing the date March 10 is that in English the date is written like this: MAR 10 and it looks like the word Mario.

The character Mario first appeared in a Nintendo game called Donkey Kong in 1981. In the 1981 game Mario was a nameless carpenter, only nicknamed Jumpman. In 1983, Nintendo launched the new game Super Mario in which the protagonist became an Italian plumber rescuing princesses named Mario.

In the Super Mario game, the two Italian plumber brothers, Mario and Luigi, rescue princesses like Princess Peach from the villain Bauser or Princess Daisy. Sometimes the princesses actually save them. In the first games Mario had to save Pauline, his girlfriend. Mario and Luigi live in the Mushroom Kingdom and go through many adventures and challenges on the way to saving the princess. Mario is wearing a red shirt with a blue overall with yellow buttons, brown shoes, white gloves and a red hat with the letter "M". Luigi on the other hand has the letter "L" on the hat. They both have dark brown hair and a mustache.

Mario's full name is Mario Mario. Because the brothers are called the Mario brothers, it turned out that the character's first name and last name are the same. This is how the creator of the character, Shigeru Miyamoto, discovered in September 2015. In 2005, Miyamoto also discovered that Mario's age is 25.

How to celebrate Mario Day?

If you already know Mario or you are gamers who have not yet tried the game, this day is for you. Invite friends and family to play the Nintendo game and share the idea on social media using the hashtag #NationalMarioDay.

Other ways to celebrate Mario Day are to eat mushrooms, in honor of the mushrooms in the game that give power and extra life. It is also possible to make a Mario party with a cake shaped in the shape of Super Mario and decorate the room with party accessories designed by characters from the game Super Mario. You can also enjoy the coloring pages of Super Mario.

No matter how you celebrate this day, have a Happy Mario Day!

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