No Selfie Day - March 16

No Selfies Day is a day that is celebrated every year on March 16 in order to raise awareness of the epidemic of selfies and its negative impact on our lives. The world we live in is now severely affected by the deadly COVID19 plague that has killed so many lives. But there is another epidemic that is seriously affecting our lives and it is the epidemic of selfies, which is mostly characteristic of young people. This epidemic stems from the development of technology in the field of photography that has taken photography to the next level. As a result, anyone who has a smartphone has ever taken selfies. The advantage of taking a selfie is that you can take a picture of yourself without asking anyone else to do it, and show that you were in a beautiful and special place. You can also take lots of pictures to choose the best one, but the problem is that there are millions of people who are addicted to it and take dozens if not hundreds of selfies a day, which is why they call selfies a plague. Selfie photography has become an addiction that destroys the lives of many people. People take pictures of themselves and then upload the picture to the social network and expect to get attention, and this desire affects their mood because many people get depressed because they have not received enough likes. Another problem is the waste of time of the test if they received enough likes and the comparison to how many likes they received at other times, the test of who did the likes and who did not, and in short - a complete waste of time on nonsense!

The selfie phenomenon has also claimed lives. More than 330 people from around the world lost their lives in the pursuit of the perfect selfie image - some fell off cliffs, others drowned in rivers and some were run over to death by trains. There were also people who committed suicide because of depression due to the lack of attention they received to their selfies.

Another problem of selfies is what has become the concept of social beauty. Beauty is perceived as a perfect face and to get such a face, we can not use our real photos but add filters or use photo editing software. Filters that thicken the lips, that smooth the skin and keep us away from the truth. This need for falsification of reality is accompanied by a decrease in self-esteem. Because when we are out of selfies, it makes us feel not pretty and good enough.

The origin of No Selfies Day

It is not known who created the No selfies day and when they started celebrating it, but who created the No selfies day did so for a good reason. He intended to make people addicted to selfies understand the negative effects of the addiction.

A study found that on average girls spend an hour and twenty-four minutes each week trying to take the perfect selfie. It's just the time she spends in photography, but what about the time she spends checking the likes?

The UK and India have the highest rate of Facebook users in the world and as a result also the highest rate of deaths as a result of attempts to take selfies in the world. Authorities in these countries have already declared areas where selfies are not allowed. Two universities, Indian and British, conducted a study among 400 participants and concluded that a real mental disorder can be diagnosed around selfies. According to the study, people who take and upload more than 6 selfies a day to social networks suffer from severe Selfitis, which interferes with daily functioning. Anyone who takes 3-6 pictures still suffers from Selfitis, but one that you can live with.

How to celebrate the day without selfies?

The best way to mark No Selfies Day is to simply not take selfies of the day. If you feel it is affecting you badly, a sign that you are addicted. Be careful not to take pictures of yourself or upload your photos to social media. Encourage other people not to take selfies to stay away from this psychologically devastating disease. If you know someone who is really addicted to selfies, help them get rid of this addiction disorder. Use the hashtag #NoSelfiesDay to spread the word on social media instead of posting your selfies.

no selfies day

March 16 is also Panda Day and Freedom Of Information Day

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