Passover is a Jewish holiday celebrated for seven days, from the 15th of the Hebrew month Nisan to the 21st of Nisan.
Passover is called the Feast of Unleavened Bread in the Bible and is the first of the  Three Pilgrimage Festivals. The first and last day of the holiday are holidays, and the days in between are called the Sabbath.
Passover is celebrated in memory of the exodus of the children of Israel from the Egyptian slavery to freedom, and its name derives from the verse that tells of the plague of the firstborn that fell on the Egyptians (Book of Exodus, chapter twelve, verse 27).
Passover Mitzvot: Prohibition of eating and keeping chametz, eating matzah and the story of the Exodus on the first night of the holiday (Seder night).

Seder bowl in a special design (source)

happy Passover greeting card

When is Passover in the next years?
2021- March 28 - April 3
2022- April 15 - April 22
2023- April 5 - April 12
2024- April 22- April 29
2025- April 13- April 20

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