Blah Blah Blah Day - April 17

Blah blah blah Day is celebrated worldwide on April 17 every year. "Blah blah blah" means having meaningless chatter or idle gossip. We use the phrase when we want to show someone that the things he says are irrelevant to us.

The origin of the phrase blah blah blah

According to historians, the origin of the phrase blah blah blah is in ancient Greece, where the term was "ber ber ber". The inspiration for the phrase was taken from the sounds made by the speakers, and it hints that these were "meaningless noises." Later these sounds evolved into phrases like "yada, yada, yada" and "blah, blah, blah."

The phrase "Blah, blah, blah" appeared in 19th century books. According to the English Oxford Dictionary, the first use of "Blah" came from a 1918 memoir in the journal Wine, Women, & War. The word "Blah" means revealing secrecy, gossip and talking about meaningless topics.

The history of Blah blah blah day

Blah blah blah day is a copyrighted holiday created by Ruth and Thomas Roy from the Wellcat Holidays and Herbs website in 2006. Their goal when they created the holiday was to do all the things other people are nagging you about.

Many times when we are nagged to do something we do not want to do we eliminate things by saying "blah blah blah". Either we really say it to the speaker or we mumble it quietly to ourselves. The purpose of this day is to listen to these swinging words and put them into practice. Whether they tell you to clean the house, apply for a job or quit smoking.

Blah blah blah Day is also meant to give value to talk that seems trivial to us. Sometimes we think that speech is worthless, but if we really listen to them and pay attention to the speakers, we will find that there is meaning and importance to the things they say.

It is true that our parents are snooty creatures by nature, but they want our best and it is today to listen and carry out what they say. Our friends everywhere can gossip endlessly, but if we listen deeply, we may recognize distress or a cry for help. Maybe the gossip comes from a low self-esteem and the gossipy friends should be encouraged? When our partner tells us how they had it today and we do not listen because we have no patience, they share with us that it is important to them that we be a part of their lives.

The purpose of Blah blah Day is also that this day will serve as a reminder to complete tasks and keep promises and also that we will make sure to listen more to others instead of canceling out the words that bother us.

How to celebrate Blah blah blah day?

Today is the day to pay attention to the things everyone is nagging you about and do them. Take this day as an opportunity to give a boost to doing things that annoy you. Stop procrastinating and start completing projects and keeping promises you made to people. It can be a bad habit you need to stop, weight loss, starting or ending new projects, arranging the room and more. Post photos and share your thoughts on social media about today using the hashtag #BlahBlahBlahDay.

Blah, Blah, Blah Day, April 17

April 17 is also Bat Appreciation Day

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