Iguana Day- September 8

It is true that the iguana is an aggressive, cold-blooded reptile, with frightening bites and a tail that flutters loudly, but many people think it is cute.
Iguana Day is meant for us to get to know this cute creature and to raise awareness of how to treat it.
As is the case with so many pets, even the people who adopt iguanas do not always understand why they committed when they took home a baby iguana. This small package of scales can reach one meter and a half in length one day and has very specific nutritional needs and its own personality. They do not just say that it is easy to like iguanas but difficult to treat them.
Iguanas can be adorable pets, but unfortunately they are sometimes sold to people who do not know why they are entering and how to care for them properly.
This is why Iguana Awareness Day was created. This day is the ideal opportunity to learn how to keep your iguana tamed and friendly, how to take care of its health, personal care and how to tame it comfortably. With proper care and attention, an iguana can be a wonderful and rewarding pet for many years.
In the photo: green iguana, courtesy of: anekoho- FreeDigitalPhotos.net   

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