National Independence Day in North Korea - September 9

Today marks the anniversary of the establishment of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in 1948. This day marks the liberation from Soviet rule and the transformation of North Korea into an independent republic and the division of the peninsula into two parts, northern and southern.
For many people in North Korea, this patriotic holiday is a day that raises sadness because the division of Korea into North and South Korea has permanently separated friendships and families.
How was the division created?
Japan ruled Korea from 1910 until the end of World War II, in 1945. When Japan was defeated by Allied forces, the Soviet Union occupied the northern part of Korea, up to latitude 38, and the United States occupied its southern part.
The Soviet military administration came to an end in 1948, when the Soviets decided to transfer power to Kim Il-sung. The declaration of the new state, the People's Democratic Republic of Korea, was made on September 9, 1948 and Kim Il-sung was declared its prime minister.
North Korea was established as a communist nation, backed by China and the Soviet Union. South Korea, left by American forces, was established as a democratic republic shaped by American and European capitalist countries.
Shortly after the formation of separate governments, North Korean forces attacked South Korea and tried to return the "bottom half" to their control. The Korean War lasted three years and killed more than half a million soldiers, wounding more than a million soldiers and killing and injuring about 2.5 million civilians (plus hitting and destroying a huge number of buildings and property). After the war ended, the situation remained the same and Korea was still divided into two separate countries: North Korea and South Korea.
How is Independence Day celebrated in North Korea?
During Independence Day, various events are held all over the country, such as mass dances, art exhibitions, festive performances, sports events and more. Every 5 round years since the establishment of the country (such as the 60s, 65s, etc.), a celebratory military parade is held in Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang, with the participation of the Supreme Leader of North Korea.
Sad facts ...
You probably already know that North Korea is a dictatorship, and the people there do not have access to information and freedoms that most of us enjoy (they do not even have access to the internet, i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!). They do not have access to food as much as the rest of us, and on average people in North Korea are one to three inches lower than people in South Korea because of chronic food shortages. North Korea has one of the largest armies in the world, with 1.1 million troops in active duty. Its reserve forces number eight million soldiers and are the largest in the world (even though the nation is only in 48th place in terms of population in the world!).
North Koreans are struggling financially for a living, and infrastructure (such as power lines and transportation routes) is often old and damaged. But the family in power, Kim Jong-un's family, spends a lot of money on her lifestyle ... as well as on the maintenance of 32 houses, including palaces and magnificent estates.
If you want to visit North Korea, you can do so only as part of an organized trip, through an official tourist bureau and accompanied by an official North Korean escort. In an unusual way that is perceived as offensive. Any violation of the rules can lead to immediate imprisonment for a long time, so if you have a problem with self-control and restraint, you better avoid visiting there!
Is there also something good to say?
Although the roads in North Korea are broken and in need of repair, at least there are no traffic jams.

North Korea has universities and swimming pools.
North Korea is a beautiful country with stunning views.
North Korea is also a pretty amazing place to look at the stars and engage in astronomy - as it has much less lighting at night relative to its neighbors South Korea, Japan and China. (The almost completely dark part surrounded by red is North Korea!)
Some dry facts
North Korea is located in East Asia, and shares a border with China in the north and west, and Russia in the northeast. The capital of North Korea is Pyongyang. The area of the country is 120,538 square kilometers and its population is about 25 million people.

September 9th is also Teddy Bear Day

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